Before the Trial Class

  1. Student/parent fills in and submits our Contact Form.
  2. Maths Faster arranges the trial class based on student/parent’s preferences.
  3. Maths Faster sends out an email with all necessary details to student/parent and assigned tutor (who will also be the regular tutor).
  4. Student/parent and tutor connect and add each other on Skype.

During the Trial Class

  1. Student and tutor meet on Skype/Zoom on the day/time of the scheduled trial class.
  2. Tutor shares the learning material for the class with the student.
  3. Student and tutor interact in class using text, voice and video for 25 minutes.

After the Trial Class

  1. Student/parent fills in the Student Trial Feedback form.
  2. Student/parent chooses a Package (see Fees page) for the regular classes.
  3. Spanish Faster sends an invoice to student/parent.
  4. Student/parent makes payment (via PayPal or bank transfer).
  5. Student/parent sends a proof of payment to Spanish Faster.
  6. Spanish Faster sends out an email to student/parent to confirm we have received the payment.
  7. Spanish Faster emails student/parent and tutor to get in touch to schedule regular classes.